Pyro Merz

Zero G

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Funk Grooves from Outer Space…

Berlin-based music producer Pyro Merz merges Rap, Funk and Spaghetti Western Vibes to an energetic new concept album. Zero G is pure groove and energy. Guests are a bunch of known Musicians and MCs to form this SciFi Space Punk Saga. The songs hit the right note, as the entire album is recorded in 432 Hz, when it comes to powerful sounds and cool attitude.

Pyro Merz - Zero G

Pyromusic Album / PYR82 / 01.10.2021

01 Bipeds

02 Solar Route

03 Storm Risin feat. Sola Plexus

04 Monkey on the Roof

05 Wadada Wees feat. Olive

06 Metamorphic Days

07 Autopilot

08 Unplug

09 Call4U

10 Freebooter

11 Zero G feat. J

12 Royal Scum

Produziert von Marco Merz

Text 1,2,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,12: Marco Merz

Text 3: Marco Merz, Jerome Vazhayil

Text 11: Marco Merz, Jakob Wagner

Musik 1-12: Marco Merz

Vocals 1,2,6,8: Marco Merz

Vocals 3: Marco Merz, Jerome Vazhayil, Jürgen Mattlener

Vocals 4: Marco Merz, Michaela Wörlein

Vocals 5,9: Marco Merz, Olivia Uhlig

Vocals 11: Marco Merz, Jakob Wagner

Backing Vocals 6,8: Michaela Wörlein

Speaker 1: Jakob Wagner

Speaker 12: Jakob Wagner, Marco Merz

Drums 1,3,4,5,6,7,9,10,11: Uwe Breunig

Drums 8: Emilio Merz

Percussion 8: Mitch Daule

Guitar 1,3,4,5,6,7,10: Haiko Heinz

Trumpet 1,4,5,10,12: Fabian Engwicht

Tuba 1,5,7,10: Benny König

Cello 3,5,6,8: Felicitas Conrad

Recording, Mixing 1-12: Marco Merz / Phlexton Studios

Mastering 1-12: Tom Müller / Flatline Mastering

Cover: Byrdylicious

© Byrdylicious / Pyro Merz / Pyromusic

Pyromusic / Pyro Merz

LC: 15907